Friday, May 11, 2007

Keeping up your Greek

Our friend Matt Harmon posted some suggestions on keeping up Greek skills over the summer break. The same ideas would work simply in general.

Another I'd add would be always to follow along in Greek, in sermons and/or Bible studies.

Also, as you read the New Testament, assuming that you still read in English, keep your Greek New Testament handy. If you have the slightest curiosity about a word or construction, look it up in Greek.

Of course, your goal is the reverse — to do all your NT reading in Greek, and just occasionally look at English renderings.


Jeff said...

Hi Dan. I will begin seminary this Fall and of course will be starting Greek the first semester. While I'm coming into seminary with a Bible College background, I have not taken any languages (ever). I do have Mounce (2nd Edition) including workbook and other material.

But, as one who has never studied a language, but will begin in the Fall, can you recommend anything for over the summer?

I guess the alphabet and vocab. are the most important at this point? Should I purchase some flash cards or make up my own?

DJP said...

Check this.