Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Piper: "Brothers, Bitzer Was a Banker!"

For some convicting encouragement, read John Piper on Heinrich Bitzer, editor of the Hebrew and Greek devotional book Light on the Path.

(h-t didyktile)


Connie said...

Enjoyed the Piper article very much--encouragement (and rebuke) for pastors and laymen (bankers and others!).

I'm delighted that 15+ yrs. after seminary--which was chosen because of its emphasis on the languages--DH always carries his Greek NT to church. And, when we've attended the bat-mitzvahs and bar-mitzvah of friends he was just about the only non-Jew who wasn't totally lost during the public readings!

I say that not to boast, but to echo what you've pointed out and what you are trying to promote--it's important, it's hard work, and it's especially needed in our churches today.

DJP said...

Cool. Connie. I love it when folks brag about their spouses!

Matthew S. Harmon said...

The example of Bitzer is exactly what you have labeled it: convicting encouragement. Convicting in the sense that it strips away many of the excuses one might offer for not learning and retaining the Biblical languages; encouraging in the sense that if Bitzer could do it, why not others?

The languages in seminary training are the blue-collar labor of education. I tell my students there may be no other subjects that are so well suited to test and reveal one's perseverance in preparation for the perseverance necessary for faithful gospel ministry.