Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Greek alphabet song: now with MORE COWBELL!

Pretty funny. It also uses the tune I've used to teach the alphabet:

(I would quibble about American pronunciation of the a's [as in bad rather than father] just a tad.)

h-t Andy Naselli


Terry Rayburn said...

Excellent. Right up there with "Let Us Sing The Minor Prophets" (which I still use to turn in my Bible to a Minor Prophet after 30+ years!).

DJP said...

You and me both, Terry. I made up a tune to teach my kids the books of the OT, and I still use the Minor Prophets part to find the individual book. "Hoooooo-se-a, Joel Amos, O-ba-di-ah, Jo-nah..."

Bike Bubba said...

Seriously cool--my kids and I are loving this, and yes, learning a touch of Greek.

Doncha think it's about time for a new post, though? Maybe keep this on greatest hits? :^)

brianonpyromaniacs said...

I never knew that I had been saying 'pi' incorrectly all this time, although the incorrect way sounds more appetizing.

Should 'mu' be pronounced so that it rhymes with 'nu' so that it sounds like the cow noise instead of the cat noise?

Any other bad American pronunciations?

What is the earliest source that you know of that instructs us on how the Greeks pronounced their alphabet in antiquity?
(I've heard that modern Greek pronounces 'beta' more like "veta", but I'm not sure if the modern pronunciation carries any authority/equivalency).

PhoebeH said...

When I was in 3rd grade I and a boy named Jimmy Anderson were the acknowledged "smartest kids in the class". One day he came to school announcing to everyone that he could spell Constantinople and he was spelling it for the admiring bog all day. "Anybody can spell that", I said, and did. He said I only did that because I'd just heard him spell it, a charge impossible to defend against. So I went home that night determined to learn something he couldn't learn by hearing me recite it. How it occurred to me I don't recall, but I decided to memorize the Greek Alphabet. I did it that very night and can still reel it off in my sleep. Jimmy & I graduated high school together, but that was the last time he ever tried to one-up me..