Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Discovery about Ephesians 1:4-6 — real, or imagined?

Hi gang! Long time, no Greek.

I'm preaching through Ephesians, which is to say I'm racking my brains in the exegesis of the Greek text. Most recently Ephesians 1:4 has been punishing me. Looking for patterns to help in exegesis, I think I may have struck on something. Tell me what you think.

If that's a legitimate parallel, it's actually very helpful both in exegesis and translation.

For instance, it adds weight to the suggestion that "selected in him" in v. 4 is elliptical for "selected us to be in Him." It affirms that "before the foundation of a world" is meant to highlight the sovereign-grace nature of the election ("according to the kind intent of His will"). It affirms that being "holy and without blemish before Him" is a matter of gracious standing, not behavior ("to the praise of the glory of His grace with which He graced us"). And it further suggests that "in love" in v. 4 — a notoriously difficult exegetical call — modifies "holy and blameless," not in the sense of our holiness and blamelessness being a loving holiness and blamelessness, but rather in the sense that this holy, blameless standing is a manifestation of God's love in Christ.



Unknown said...

Hey there,

I have some questions for you when you get to verses 9-11. Mostly involving οἰκονομίαν and a dispensational understanding of these verses. Wondering if you see the same thing I do.

BibleLight said...

What is the name of this Greek outline structure? Similar to chiasm. Your structure looks legit to me. Bullinger's Bible and Magill's Bible have these everywhere in the NT.