Thursday, May 24, 2007

Humor break

Okay, this is just funny.

Check out Seminary Professor Caught Inventing Fake Greek Words at Tom in the Box today.

Reminds me of a tape I heard once of a very famous pastor (you'd know him) speaking on Colossians 1:15. I remember his words clearly, though it was about thirty years ago.

In Colossians 1:15 (he told us all), when Paul calls Christ the "image of God," the apostle uses the word.... Here he hesitated, then more quickly said "iknon, which is our word for 'photograph.'"

To save you looking it up, I think he was trying to say εἰκὼν. But even beyond that — well, you count the things wrong with that statement.

UPDATE: you know, I should not have assumed that you all were familiar with Tom in the Box, or would read quite enough to tell the nature of the site, or that the title "Humor break" would be a for-sure clue. It's a Christian satire/parody site, a bit like the wonderful Scrappleface, but with longer articles. They're parody.


Pastor Eldred said...

Well, the obvious one is that the Greek word for photograph is, oddly enough, photograph!

But there are at least 3 other things wrong there!

Stefan Ewing said...

As I wrote at TBNN,


Bryan C. McWhite said...

It seems to me that Dr. Green is a lambainoreses, which is the greek word for a toolbox, and Jack Cartwright is a helanaemosis, which is the greek word for a rock star.

Matthew LaPine said...

There is no Greek word for rock star! I know that because "rock star" would never be in the King James.

DJP said...


Dave Marriott said...

i don't know, the apocryphal books managed to make their way in, rock star isn't too far fetched...


Stefan Ewing said...

Hahaha, it only took three months, Dan, but your pun finally registered with me!

This blog is starting to look like my long-neglected blog for learning Korean.

DJP said...

Love a slow burn.

Well, I think about it, and mean to get back to it. I was, frankly, disappointed that it didn't generate more pastoral participation.